Cindy Attaway

Senior Processor

Cindy is starting her 4th year with our company in 2015. Her specialty is proper completion of all items and conditions needed for fast closings. Her organizational skill are 2nd to none and her soft personality is comforting to our clients. Cindy has worked for us in some capacity ( additional businesses ) for more…

Photo of Al Coughlin

Al Coughlin


President and CEO of First Chance Mortgage, I have been in institutional lending since 1972. I retired from an international banking institution in 2002. In 2001, with my son Brian, we started First Chance Mortgage in 2001 incorporating in 2003. With the experience and contacts I have developed over the years, I have seen the…

Paige DeWitt

Junior Underwriter

Paige has over 20 years experience in the mortgage lending arena. Her "get it done and get it done right attitude" can be felt by our clients when they work with her to complete their loan process. She has great personal skills and organizational skills to help our clients complete the entire loan process in…