Purchase Assistant

We have over 65+ years combined experience in lending and home loans.

Here are some of Brian’s recommended tips to follow when considering buying your FIRST home :


One of the number 1 mistakes made by home buyers is NOT shopping around for a mortgage! We encourage you to shop around, only because we know that we usually come out on top!

We only recommend that if you are shopping for quotes, always make sure to give each lender the same specifications for the loan you are seeking. This is because mortgage quotes can vary based on your loan size, down payment, credit history, income, assets, and debt. Fill out the form with honest information to get a reliable quote. We are all eventually going to verify this information anyway so putting in misinformation won’t help you at all in the long term.


After we’ve helped you determine what may be the best program for you and the approximate payments, rates, etc. we will offer you a pre-qualification letter. This is a simple letter signed by us to give to your Real Estate Agent for use when you make an offer on a home.


Since 2004 Brian has carried a Real Estate License in addition to his duties to First Chance Mortgage to help local customers while also building relationships with Real Estate Agents across the State of Georgia.

Some things a good real estate agent will want to know about are :

How big is your family? What neighborhoods are you willing to consider? How long do you plan to live in the home you are purchasing? Are schools a factor? Is a single-family home a requirement or is a condo an option?

Keep in mind, no matter what your agent wants, you want a home and a payment that you can afford and still have room in you budget for the ‘other’ things in life such as trips, emergencies, and the unexpected.


Nearly all mortgage loans and lenders require some amount of cash as a down payment. This may not always be true, for instance VA and USDA offer 100% LTV programs, and sometimes lenders offer other creative loans or down-payment options. The amount you’ve set aside for this will determine the kind of mortgage you qualify for. It will also impact how much you can afford to borrow for a home.

Consider Down Payment Assistance OR you may not have heard that you can possibly use a gift from a relative or qualifying individual.


Brian makes himself available to his clients. Here is some of his contact information –

Brian Coughlin – V.P. First Chance Mortgage, INC.

GA Mortgage Loan Originator – FIRST CHANCE MORTGAGE
FCM NMLS# 146978 NMLS MLO# 164940

GA Real Estate Agent – REALTY EAST
License #276376

GA Broker License # 16665
GA MLO # 25087

Office: (678) 957-6733
Toll Free: (866) 687-5026
Mobile: (770) 313-0862
Fax: (678) 957-6718
Email: Brian@firstchancemortgage.com


This Free Purchase Assistant has been designed to help narrow down options based on your individual needs. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the more questions you answer – the more accurate your results. You’ll receive the Purchase information you need instantly without all the calls and emails!