Georgia Mortgage Rates

First Chance Mortgage will shop for the most competitive terms and rates in the entire state. We invite you to contact our office via phone or email and we will assist you with competitive good faith estimate based upon your financial criteria at no cost. Our Georgia Mortgage Customers experience unparalleled customer service and professional assistance from our team of loan officers.
· 30 year fixed Georgia Mortgage Rates are at historic lows! 

· 1st Chance Mortgage’s Zero Down Georgia Mortgage is a 30 year fixed rate with no balloon mortgage, no pre payment penalty and no adjustable rate. Did I mention that it also has no PMI? 
· The Georgia FHA Mortgage as of 1/2/2022 requires a down payment of 3.5% instead of 3%.
· Record low Georgia Real Estate prices coupled with Record Low Georgia Mortgage Rates equals your perfect storm to qualify for your very own Georgia Home Loan.

Sample Georgia Mortgage Rates For a $150,000 Georgia Mortgage Loan:
Georgia Loan Program
Interest Rate
Georgia FHA 30 year fixed
Georgia USDA/Rural Housing 30 year fixed
Conventional 30 year fixed
Conventional 15 year fixed
*All figures based on $150,000 loan amount, and include assumptions involving credit, percentage of equity used, and other qualifying factors not excluding blood type. Rate change daily and are always subject to qualification of the borrower. 
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